Scale up your business!


I'm Tamás Boczkó, I'm a

Growth strategist

Performance Marketing Specialist -
Landing page optimization / Content writer

I'm using the following platforms to

scale up businesses with

(1) PAID advertisements:

Google Ads (Search Ads, Perf. Max Ads; Youtube video Ads),
Facebook, Instagram Ads

(2) Landing page

Audit, Suggestions, Optimization, Content writing

Is your business:

  • webshop with products?

  • servcie (online / offline)?

  • B2B service / product ?

do you want to achieve

new potential / possibilities

in your business?

I can help you achieve more revenue in your business!


> With PAID ads:

  • choosing the right platforms (Google Ads, Youtube, Insta, Fb)

  • Optimizing different type of Ads on each platform

> With Landing page optimization

  • Audit, Suggestions, Content Writing

The Result?

The Result to me is QUALITY, RELEVANT traffic, which leads to higher CONVERSION!

How do I reach higher CONVERSION?

Here are the three KEY POINTS to me:

Conversion first!

  • The most important thing to me is the CONVERSION instead of the REACH (how many people have seen an Ads )

Ad Optimization

  • choosing the right platform (Google Ads Search, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram)

  • using the right Ad creative for the conversion goals (text, photo, video)

  • finding the best converting Ad with testing different Ad copies

Landing Page Audit, Optimization

  • Auditing your landing page

  • Content Writing:

  • (1) understanding the audience needs

  • (2) show the audience's problem to them

  • (3) present a solution that moves an audience to take action

Why should you choose me?

Solid knowledge on advertisement platfroms:
( since 2018 - )

  • I have a deep knowledge managing PAID ads on the following platforms:

  • I Analyze,Setup, Manage and Optimize:

  • (1) Google Ads (including search ads, Youtube video ads, etc),

  • (2) Facebook, Instagram advertising campaigns

  • ... for clients who has either a webshop with product, or service, or B2B service / product

My User Experience Designer background:
( 2011-2019 )

  • Between this period I worked as a User Experience Designer

  • I worked together closely with a UX Researcher, a CopyWriter, and a Graphic designer

  • We had done a lot of user research, user test, we tested different landing pages with different copies / layouts, variations

  • This experience gave me a super valuable knowledge what I can use in this marketing world

Case studies


Coming Soon!


In Tamás, I got to know a versatile, flexible and qualified Google Ads expert who is open to new things. We have been working together for more than 5 years, he performs the Google Ads tasks included in the contract for both of my company's websites.
But I must note that he relieves me on many occasions, when he takes other tasks off my shoulders by rowing to related areas.
I like working with Tamas :-)

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My services

(1) Paid Ads

  • up to 3 months Optimization of Paid Ads

  • Landing page Audit / suggestions

After this period:

  • Overseeing Ads, if required


  • Landing Page (SEO) Content writing, Copywriting

Do you want to scale up your business?

if YES, Contact me now:

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